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Coach CK is the #1 Wealth and Business Strategist Coach, owns over 12 companies and brands and he is the sought after International Speaker. Featured on countless magazine covers (see below), Coach CK is doing a FREE 1-day event, and he wants to coach you to achieving Financial Freedom.

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The FREE LIVE Event will be May 11th at 10 am – Doors open @ 9 am


3 Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade Centre – Trade Centre 1 –

Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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May 11th at 10 am

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Coach CK

Question is… How To Grow Your Business Exponentially.

#1 Focus :

If you don’t know how to focus you will never achieve the networth you desire. We will show you how to create daily disciplines that will enable you focus on the wealth you want to create.

#2 Entrepreneur Branding:

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. Marketing is the engine of your business and branding is the fuel. We will show you how to brand and market like a genius.

#3 Business Coaching:

We all need to stand in the shoulders of giants. No one is self-made.Any greatest sports teams you know of all had coaches who made them great. You too can become great if you have the right coach. Coach CK is the #1 wealth and business strategist coach and he will coach you to achieve the results you are seeking for.

#4 Strategic and not tactical:

Many entrepreneurs work too much “in” their business rather than “on” it. They are tactical and not strategic which causes them to fail. Coach CK is known to be a strategist and he will coach you on being strategic so you can create systems that will help you scale your business.

#5 Right Team and Culture:

In business, you need to have the right team and the right culture in place to win. We will show you from how to select the right team members, board members, investors to creating a culture by design.

#6 Know Your Numbers:

Learn the 3 numbers you must always know in your business to achieve lasting success and to achieve Financial Freedom.

This event is for…


What are you going to get after spending one day with Coach CK

1 – A step by step plan on how to grow and scale your business

2 – An action plan on how to make your first million

3 – More growth and profits for your business

4 – Peak performance for your life

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The LIVE EVENT will be May 11th at 10 am 

What Are Some of the Topics That Will Be Taught

And so much more…

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The LIVE EVENT will be May 11th at 10 am

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes he will. Most top gurus never appear on their free events but Coach CK will be at this particular event.

Of course. Yes Coach CK has 12 businesses and brands in over 8 countries and he deals with very advanced entrepreneurs of high net worth and he will show you how to grow your business.

Absolutely Yes; in fact, Coach Ck will show you how to start, grow, scale and franchise your business.

From time to time as a way to give back, Coach CK does free events. It gives you an opportunity to get to know him if you are unfamiliar with him. This particular event will be free.

Media Coach CK has been featured in

Coach CK with Friends, People he has met or business Partners

President Bush

Tony Robbins

Gary V

JT Foxx

Mark Anthony

President Pierre Of Burundi

Vice President of Sierra Leone

Vice President of Guyana Sydney Allicock


“The corporate world can be tough. I was really stressed, continually getting passed over for promotions. I started to feel as if I was not valued. I attended a wealth fitness event and with the help of coach Charles, I was able to quit my job and start my own profitable business. Coach is CK is the real deal.”


Jessica De Anda

peter Sylvester

Manny Lopez

Melissa Ardon

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The LIVE EVENT will be May 11th at 10 am 

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