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Going against the grain when it comes to business coaching, Wealth Fitness has carved out their own niche in this industry, being known for giving individuals the “Wealth Fitness” approach to business. The Wealth Fitness method to business coaching includes:


Wealth Fitness teaches you how to find a winning approach to how you do business in order to maximize your efforts.


Being a boss doesn’t equal being a leader. Wealth Fitness Coaches can teach you to be the type of person that inspires others.


Success in the business world begins with success your personal world. Learn to break bad habits to grow positive results.


No matter what industry you’re in, Wealth Fitness can create a personalized plan to make sure you’re working at peak potential.

The "Wealth Fitness" Method is the Future of Business Coaching.

Learn how you can stay ahead of the curb today. Check out the event page for our next Wealth Fitness Workshop!

Professional Leadership Services

Productivity & Performance

We can help you get back to basics, coaching you to work on your business, not in your business..

Leadership Training

Take command of your life. We can help take your leadership skills from average to exceptional..

Business Training

You will be given realistic tools in specific areas of business to help you exceed your goals for business..

Career & Personal Development

Wealth Fitness will show you how to increase your value at work and in life with a proven approach..

Sales Training

We have developed a proven sales process that will guarantee you the results you are looking for..

Team Building

An effective leader must understand that your team is a major contributing factor in your business.

About Services

Every project starts with a goal in mind. Wealth Fitness will work with you to zero in on those goals that you want to achieve with our help.
Visualizing your route to success is a key part of the program. Wealth Fitness will lend you years of experience to help you visualize your path, helping with corrections, if needed, along the way.
Once your goals and vision are complete, it’s time to start putting your strategy together for success. With Wealth Fitness’ help, you can create an ironclad plan that will give you a leg up for your next phase.
With a grand strategy in place, all that’s left is to follow through, arguably the hardest step in the process. With Wealth Fitness’ guidance, you’ll not only take that step…you’ll start to sprint.

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Whether you’re just starting your career or are a seasoned business pro, Wealth Fitness can help guide you toward something greater. Still not convinced? See what our most recent Wealth Fitness Graduates have to say:
“I was not being the leader that I needed to be for my team.  With changes in my industry, I was stressed, and my team felt it.  Morale was really down, and my employees were not producing like they were in the past.  Wealth Fitness brings something special to business coaching.  They gave me that tough love that I needed to get me back into the swing of things and start giving my staff the leadership that they deserve.” Trisha Jackson

Extensions by Trish - Owner

“Where do I begin?  There are no words to describe how Wealth Fitness has helped me go from a good business owner to a great one.  While my business was doing well, they opened my eyes to see that it could be so much better and make a bigger impact for clients.  Using their tools, I successfully expanded the business and increased profits.” Jill Stevens

Made for Me Clothing - Pres.

“The corporate world can be tough.  I was really stressed, continually getting passed over for promotions.  I started to feel as if I was not valued.  With personal coaching from Wealth Fitness, I was able to see that my approach to my job was not on the level it should be at.  They made me take a hard look in the mirror and be honest with myself about my job performance.  Using their methods, I am now in line for a promotion.” Gabriel Sanchez

UX Developer

“What Wealth Fitness brings to business coaching is refreshing, relatable, and relevant to business owners and business professionals.  Why settle for great, when you can be exceptional?  I thought I was pretty successful, but after the Wealth Fitness Experience, I am proud to say that I am now exceptional at what I do, helping to increase my company’s profits.” Jonathan Haley

Entrepeneur/Business Owner

“Where some business coaches talk at you, Wealth Fitness Coaches talks to you.  They are personable and funny.  I brought them in for our corporate team-building retreat, and my employees are more motivated than ever.  Productivity is up 30%.  Thank you Wealth Fitness for your refreshing approach to business coaching!” William Stephenson

SOA Financial - Owner